EMX Programmable Timer

Versatile EMX Industries Inc. programmable timers for residential or commercial use from North Shore Commercial Door can help you protect your home or business.

Control timing access for secure entry and exit functions or add timers to magnetic door locks. Use EMX timers to control security alarm systems, and for outdoor and indoor lighting timers.

Easily Programmed

The EMX PTM 7-Day Programmer is ideal for programming overhead door and commercial gate open/close times. You can program 16 on/off events per day, and 15 combinations of daily programs. In case of a power failure, this rail-mounted timer (with DIN rail mount included) has an internal battery for program memory backup storage.

Our customers like the large display and push buttons for easy operations.

Your Source for EMX

We carry dozens of EMX products at North Shore Commercial Door. Our EMX HAWK 2 automatic door sensor can detect the motion of vehicles and pedestrians at commercial and industrial gates. This EMX sensor boasts advanced K-band planar microwave technology.

We have EMX industrial sensors, keypads, and card readers. See our line of EMX motion sensors, affordably priced EMX loop vehicle detectors, and non-loop ultrasonic vehicle detectors by EMX.

We back our onsite sales with outstanding customer service before and after your purchase. For more than 35 years, our family-owned Ohio company has been a trusted supplier to residential, commercial, and industrial customers. Our expert staff can help you with product compatibility questions, and help you track down parts you can't find on our website.

If you have any questions or need assistance placing your order feel free to call our customer service staff at 800-783-6112 For a complete list of EMX Industries products.