EMX IRB-4X Gate and Garage Door Opener Photoeyes

EMX IRB-4X Gate and Garage Door Opener Photoeyes

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Item# IRB-4X
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EMX IRB-4X Gate and Garage Door Opener Photoeyes
EMX IRB-4X Gate and Garage Door Opener Photoeyes
Product Description
Any control board that will take dry contact in its input will work with the EMX IRB-4X Gate and Garage Door Opener Photoeyes available at North Shore Commercial Door. The EMX IRB-4X photoeyes are easy to align because they work without lenses. That also cuts down on its sensitivity to elements like sunlight, dust, fog or snow. It can be used as a safety, opening or reversing device to work with automatic operators. Easy to install and immune to vibration, the photoeyes can be used with rolling doors, parking barriers or garage doors. The product also has a built-in electronic sunlight filter. Other features include:
  • Automatic compensation for temperature changes.
  • 24 degrees of alignment freedom.
  • Capable of penetrating 70% obstruction due to fog, steam and even spray
  • Does not require additional signal amplifiers or relay boxes.
  • Infrared transmitter in a weather-proof NEMA 4X enclosure.
  • Infrared receiver in waterproof NEMA 4X enclosure (5A120V AC relay output inclusive)
  • WIDTH: 2.24 INCHES
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COMMENT: price, fast free ship and just what I needed by AL H 9/8/2017
COMMENT: Replacement by Anita D 7/11/2017
QUESTION: What's the range on these? And does mounting more than one set close to each other cause interference I.e. Picking up on one set to another? by Michael S 2/17/2017
QUESTION: are the emx-4x and the emx-325 the same photo eye? and are they both monitored? by nick d 1/25/2017
QUESTION: Are these units sold with hoods? They appear that way in the picture. by None N 9/8/2016
ANSWER: yes by Yul R a
ANSWER: I believe they did but I truthfully can not remember. On of my service guys installed them. by Fred G a
ANSWER: Yes they included the hoods. by danial d a
ANSWER: The photoeye and hood come as a complete assembly. by Kurt G a
ANSWER: Yes I think they came with the hoods but I did not need the hoods. by Craig M a
ANSWER: The ones that I received had the hoods. by Earl N a
ANSWER: Yes. Also, they are working great. by Harry T a
QUESTION: How many in a package? by Todd D 4/14/2016
ANSWER: A set of two. by Harry T a
ANSWER: Two units, one ir transmitter and one receiver. by Damon J a
ANSWER: 2 by Jesse G a
ANSWER: 1 receiver and 1 transmitter by Craig M a
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