EMX NIR-100 Commercial Overhead Door Photo Eye System

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Operating in a range of 5 feet to 33 feet, the EMX NIR-100 Commercial Overhead Door Photo Eye System sold at North Shore Commercial Door detects obstacles in rolling doors, overhead doors or other installations protected from the elements. The photoeye system will indicate whether any obstruction is present, and it won't signal any false indicators if it comes across vehicles that happen to have surfaces that give off a lot of glare. The system includes a Lens-Less design that does away with the possibility of lenses fogging up with any condensation. Heavy duty brackets are included for installation, and there is a modulated infrared beam that cuts down on the possible effects the elements might have on the photoeye. An LED light helps you make adjustments by indicating the right alignment. The supply voltage is 12 to 24 VDC/VAC.