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EMX PRX-320 Waterproof Proximity Card Reader/Keypad

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Available at North Shore Commercial Door, the PRX-320 is a new standalone proximity reader from EMX Industries that is perfect for use on gates and doors located in climates where there is no need for resistance to climatic conditions. This proximity reader is waterproof, features four door opening modes, and the programming mode on this device is protected by a four-digit system passcode. The four-door opening modes include entering a four-digit passcode only, proximity card access only, proximity card plus four-digit passcode, and using a proximity card or a four-digit passcode. PRX-320 readers also have a four-lock time setting that can be programmed between one second and 99 seconds to determine how long the electronic lock is active after door access.

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Product Highlights:

  • Reader supports up to 2000 users
  • Low energy consumption and can be used on solar installations
  • Option of using a built-in contact for doorbell enunciators
  • Power requirements are 12VDC 500-800 mA
  • Power consumption is 90 mA standby/ 110 mA activated
  • The read range is five inches
Keypads / Card Readers
Model Output Power Users Housing Rating Connection Mounting Card Reader Features
CR-2000 EMX CR-2000 Weigand and relay 9-25 VDC 2,000 users via card/code Stainless Steel IP67 Wire harness Plate Yes Momentary / toggle output
PRX-320 EMX PRX-320 Relay 12 VDC 2,000 users via card
8 users via code
PVC IP67 Wire harness Plate Yes Momentary / toggle output
KPX-100 EMX KPX-100 Dual Relay 12-24 VDC/AC 100 users via code on relay 1
10 users via code on relay 2
Stainless Steel IP66 Terminal block Housing Momentary / toggle output