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Garage Door Extension Springs 36" X 54" for 9' High Doors

$53.10 - $114.64
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Use a pair of our 36-in. by 54-in. garage door extension springs from North Shore Commercial Door to replace worn or non-working spring on a 9-ft. high residential garage. These part no. 36-54 extension springs, sold in pairs, counterbalance the weight of a closing or opening garage door for safer operations.

Our #36-54 extension springs are available for garage door weights ranging from 90 lbs. to 330 lbs. Garage door extension springs are color coded to distinguish their weights.

To install your replacement springs, one end of the springs is installed with an S-hook to the stationary hangar angle that supports the garage door tracks, while the other end of the springs hooks to a safety cable-and-pully assembly that connects to the garage door. When the garage door is in the open position, the initial spring tension holds it in place on the horizontal track.

The pull weight of an extension spring is determined by the color code found on the end of the spring. Once you know that, measure the height of the door. If you cannot determine the color code for the springs, you must weigh your door.

To weigh your garage door, you'll need help from other people. First, disconnect the poor and lifting arm of the garage door opener. Fasten C clamps (or vice grips) under the bottom rollers to secure the door in place. With tension completely off of the extension springs, you can disconnect the springs from the track support.

Remove the C clamps (or vice grips) and lower the door by hand. Note that the entire weight of the door, which can weigh as much as several hundred pounds, has to be lowered by hand. Hence, the need for more than one person for this job.

Then, set a bathroom scale to zero and place the scale under the center of door. Record the weight.

If the door exceeds the capacity of the scale, use two bathroom scales. When using two scales, add a 2 x 4 with one end on one scale, and another 2 x 4 on the second floor, keeping the door perpendicular to your scales. Add the weight from each scale to determine your garage door's total weight.

The Door and Access Systems Manufacturers Association (DASMA) has established color codes for extension springs by weight.

Product Highlights:

  • 36-54
  • Sold in pairs
  • Replacement springs (2 required) for 9-ft. high door
  • For door weights of 90 lbs. to 330 lbs.
  • Makes it easier for torsion springs and opener to open/close garage door
  • Uses a sheave pulley and garage door cable assembly to transfer weight of door to springs
  • Initial tension holds the door open
  • Springs extend as door closes, retract as door opens
  • Confirm weight of door
  • Springs are color coded by weight
  • DASM springs color codes: blue for 40 lbs., red for 50 lbs., brown for 60 lbs., orange for 80 lbs. gold for 80 lbs., light blue for 90 lbs., tan for 100 lbs., white for 110 lbs., green for 120 lbs., yellow for 130 lbs., blue for 40 lbs., red for 150 lbs., brown for 160 lbs., orange for 170 lbs., gold for 180 lbs., light blue for 190 lbs., tan for 200 lbs. white for 210 lbs., green for 220 lbs., yellow for 230 lbs., blue for 240 lbs., red for 250 lbs., brown for 260 lbs., orange for 270 lbs., gold for 280 lbs., light blue for 290 lbs., tan for 300 lbs.