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Custom Cut Garage Door Torsion Spring - Maximum Length 40"

Custom Cut Garage Door Torsion Spring - Maximum Length 40"
Custom Cut Garage Door Torsion Spring - Maximum Length 40"
Custom Cut Garage Door Torsion Spring - Maximum Length 40"
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Our springs include cones installed on the springs. Enter the exact spring size you currently have. Our springs are made in the USA.
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Custom Cut Garage Door Torsion Spring - Maximum Length 40"
Custom Cut Garage Door Torsion Spring - Maximum Length 40"
Product Description
Now you can replace your own garage door springs thanks to this handy replacement option of custom cut torsion springs from North Shore Commercial Door.

Standard springs come with a life of approximately 10,000 cycles. For additional information about our garage door torsion spring replacement kit, see our “Questions” app below.

We always recommend replacing your garage door springs in pairs on doors with 2 springs. Springs are designed to open and close the door a predetermined number of times - if one spring breaks, it's only a matter of time before the other spring does, too.

  • Includes spring up to 40"
  • Comes with cones attached on each end as shown
  • Available in wire sizes and inside diameter sizes are shown in the options
  • Order custom spring sizes to fit your doors
  • Choose from left- or right-wound springs

    The four items required to purchase the correct replacement torsion spring:

    #1 Wire Size
    #2 Inside Diameter
    #3 Length of spring
    #4 Wind of spring (Right or left wound)


    A spring’s wire size can be determined by several different tools or techniques. Use of a caliper, micrometer, or wire gauge are common ways to determine a spring’s wire size. If none of these tools are available, simply measure ten coils of wire to the nearest 1/16th of an inch, and refer to the Spring Wire Chart. The spring must be tightly compressed, with no gaps. It’s also a good idea to measure twenty coils as a double check. Wire Size Guide

    Wire Chart


    Measure the inside diameter to the nearest 1/16th of an inch. In most cases, the cones inserted in each end of the spring will have a manufacturers name (OHD or Raynor, etc.) which will give a clue toward the proper identity. The chart on the right shows common ID’s used by various manufacturers. If no manufacturers name is evident, usually a part number on the cone will indicate the inside diameter: 134 or 175 = 1 3/4" ID 258 or 263 = 2 5/8" ID 375 or 334 = 3 3/4" ID

    Inside Diameter


    Measure spring length with the spring in its unwound state. In the case of a distorted or broken spring, simply count the total number of coils and multiply by the wire size. 120 coils x .250 wire = 30" 120 coils x .375 wire = 45"

    How to Measure Length of Garage Spring


    To ensure the correct wind, please refer to the Winding Chart below. Please remember the side of the door a spring is located on does not indicate the wind of the spring. Most winding cones are color coded for hand identification. Right hand wound springs should have red winding cones. Left hand wound springs should have black winding cones.


    Left Wound and Right Wound Springs
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    Ask a Question
    COMMENT: a new torsion spring was needed for our garage by Joseph F 9/28/2017
    COMMENT: Because I ordered the left side spring here and it worked out well. Now I need the right side spring. by Hector M 9/24/2017
    QUESTION: If my garage doors were replaced with a much lighter door. How do I know what size torsion spring I need? by Chris H 5/20/2016
    STAFF ANSWER: You will have have a local garage door company to come out to get that. by Taylor M a
    QUESTION: Looking for a torsion spring ? by Albert M 12/21/2015
    ANSWER: One of my springs broke and I replaced both with long life upgrade springs. I'm quite happy with them. Did job myself but it is not the first time as I've been a DIYer all my life. I shopped for best price on internet. I doubt you will find a better deal than North Shore. I spliced my broken spring with wire rope clamp while I waited. by Lawrence C a
    ANSWER: Albert I'm good for now... I bought the kit and installed it about a year ago; I've had no issues. by Gregory H a
    ANSWER: What's the question ? by Bud S a
    ANSWER: No. I got two in my kit along with winding rods, etc. Everything went together easily. Instructions were well writen. by hadrum c a
    STAFF ANSWER: please follow the steps on our website in the torsion spring item it will tell you everything you would need to know to get the correct spring ! by Taylor M a
    QUESTION: I ha e a standard garage door 7x16 two springs doors made by overhead door do you have springs that would work? by None N 10/19/2015
    STAFF ANSWER: We sell torsion and extension springs. You would have to determine which spring you have. Then follow the product description to get the correct measurements. by Taylor M a
    QUESTION: I need two springs for my garage:<br />White 22", .218, 2" Diameter<br />Brown 25", .234, 2" Diameter<br />Is there a way to order both.. left side and right side without paying $60 each?? by amber t 7/1/2015
    STAFF ANSWER: Yes , Go to the "springs" page and find the one that is "Torsion spring any wire us up to 39"" Its base price is $40.99 currently. Then under the options you can add the winding bars to one of them. Then dont add winding bars on the other. by Matthew O a
    How to Order Garage Door Springs