Garage Door Torsion Springs

Pay discount prices on replacement garage door torsion springs or garage door torsion kits from North Shore Commercial Door. We have standard torsion springs rated at 10,000 cycles and torsion springs that will last longer at 25,000 cycles for residential or commercial garage doors.

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See our series of garage door torsion springs designed for any wire size or lengths up to 39 in. We have commercial garage door torsion springs with cones attached with a 2 5/8-in. interior diameter that will fit most large garage door sizes. For larger commercial garage doors, consider our torsion springs with an interior diameter of 3 3/4 in. Or, contact us about how to order custom sizes in torsion springs.

When a torsion spring goes bad, we recommend buying two springs to replace both springs at once. Choose a right-wound spring and left-wound spring.

With our torsion spring kits, you won't have to buy extra parts. For example, we have garage door torsion spring replacement kits that include the spring and winding bars. For mini warehouse garage doors, choose a pair of our self-storage door torsion springs.

If you have a Wayne Dalton garage door, consider our series of Wayne Dalton Torquemaster One and Torquemaster Plus springs made with high tensile strength wire. Before you choose any brand of replacement torsion springs, know your wire size, inside diameter and length of spring needed for your garage door size and style. Contact us with any questions.