Amarr Weather Seals

Our Amarr garage door bottom weather seals from North Shore Commercial Door will protect your garage from dust, dirt, pests and water damage. Save on utility bills, too, since these weather seals from our Amarr garage door parts collection are designed to block cold air in winter and hot hair in summer.

We have triangle-end vinyl garage door bottom weather seals for Amarr garage doors. Our Janus International bulb-style (astragal) weather seals will fit Amarr 5101, 5501, 5601 and 5601 series garage doors. These bulb-style seals also fit Amarr 5652 and Amarr 2743 series garage doors.

Also compatible with Amarr garage doors are heavy-duty trademarked RodentBLOCK with Xcluder garage door bottom seals designed to keep mice, rats and other pests out of your garage. Instead of toxic rodent control ingredients, these nontoxic seals are made from neoprene rubber with a fill fabric that includes a built-in stainless steel mesh and poly fiber barrier against insect and animal invaders.