Bulb Type Weather Seals

Garage door bottom bulb weather seals from North Shore Commercial Door are available in T-bulb, P-bulb and other bulb-style seals to block hot and cold drafts, bugs, rats, dirt, dust, and other contaminants. These bulb-style weather seals for residential and commercial garage doors seal gaps on uneven garage floors.

Find weather seals by leading manufacturers that are sold by the foot, so you won't have to order more than you need to get the job done. We recommend adding 1 ft. to the length of your garage door bottom to accommodate any shrinkage.

Our own North Shore Commercial Door NSCD-MW1B mini warehouse T-bulb style weather seal for mini warehouse doors and self-storage unit doors remains flexible in extreme hot and cold temperatures. They slide onto mini warehouse and self-storage door retainers using a 3/8-in. T. We also have exclusive NSCD upside-down triangle bulb weather seals specially designed to fit Stanley brand residential garage doors.

Find Windsor P-bulb weather seals for Windsor garage doors. Find Janus International astragal (PVC-bulb style) weather seals designed for use with Janus International and Amarr garage doors. We sell DBCI T-bulb weather seals for commercial DBCI self-storage doors. Action Industries rolling steel garage door bottom seals with bulb-style flaps are designed for commercial garage doors. We have P-bulb garage door bottom seals specially designed for Genie garage doors.