DBCI Weather Seals

Shop our line of DBCI-compatible garage door bottom weather seals from North Shore Commercial Door to fit your DBCI residential or commercial garage door. Our T vinyl weather seals for DBCI garage doors will keep out dust, dirt, pests and water. Just match the T portion of your old seal with one of the sizes in our black EPDM synthetic vinyl weather seals. Measure your door to order only the length you need.

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We also sell DBCI-compatible Xcluder garage door bottom seals that are compatible with aluminum and plastic bottom seal retainers. The Xcluder for T bottom retainers has a tough, durable seal that makes it almost impossible for rodents to penetrate, making the Xcluder a go-to choice for restaurants, schools, hotels, homes and other locations where food is stored. Shop America's North Shore Commercial Door for all you commercial and residential garage door accessories. We're famous for keeping hard-to-find parts on hand for our customers.