Martin Weather Seals

Most Martin garage door bottom weather seal from North Shore Commercial Door are made from a durable rubber foam compound that will remain flexible in hot and cold weather. Our Martin weather seals include 1-inch wide gray weather stripping made to fit steel Martin garage along the bottom edge. When you're weather seal wears out, you're exposing the contents of your garage to dirt, dust, water and drafts. This can prove especially damaging to garages that have been converted to work, recreational, storage or living space. With our economical prices, you can afford to replace that door seal when you first notice cracks or aging. Most Martin brand bottom weather seals for garage doors will mounts to a Martin door by fitting into the recess in the bottom panel section. Weather seals are held in place with metal retainers. Remove the metal retainer from the door first before replacing your old bottom seal with a new Martin garage door seal. Then, replace the retainer.