Midland Weather Seals

No tools are needed to install most Midland garage door bottom weather seals from North Shore Commercial Door. Our Midland brand bottom seals for garage doors are compatible with most Midland garage doors that use retainers.

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Save money when you order by the foot to buy just what you need. Weather stripping to seal out the elements on garage doors will also save you money by keeping out cold and hot drafts. This is an especially valuable investment for garages that have been converted into living space, a workshop or storage space for easily damaged goods. We have Midland garage door weather seals that will withstand temperatures as low as 0 degrees Fahrenheit.To replace your old weather with most models of our Midland brand seal, just slide the old seal out of the retainer. Then, clean and lubricate the retainer track and slide the new seal into place on the bottom of your garage door. No tools needed.