Misc. Weather Seals (Nails, Retainer screws, Slick

Keep those garage doors and their contents protected against the elements with our do-it-yourself garage door weather seals and accessories. We have nail-on garage door seals, bottom rubber weather seal plugs and glue for rubber seals. Our garage door screws include retainer screws, hex head bolts, flanged nuts, lag screws and carriage bolts. One inexpensive tube of our tough, versatile rubber-based North Shore Commercial Door brand threshold seal glue will create 10 feet of threshold seal. We have versatile garage door and weather seal lubricants that you can use to prevent your seal from freezing to the ground or help keep painted garage doors from becoming stuck. Shop our low prices on garage doorstop molding nails, ring shanks and other accessories to keep your garage door in good working condition. If you have questions, consult our staff experts at an American company offering the best garage door remotes and accessories for more than 35 years.