Wood Door Weather Seals

Our economical weather seal for wood garage doors at North Shore Commercial Door will protect your garage from dust, dirt and water damage. Weather seal strips block the entry of rats, bugs and other pests. We have weather seal engineered specifically for use on wooden garage doors. Because you order our weather stripping by the foot, you won't waste money ordering more than you need. We have neoprene rubber astragal weather stripping that seals the space between your wood garage door and the garage door floor. Or, order our nail-on wood door weather seal by Action Industries that's made of dense EPDM rubber. All you need is a hammer and nails to secure the weather stripping to the bottom of the wood garage door. Use an ordinary pair of scissors to trim the weather seal to fit the door bottom. We recommend, after measuring the length of your garage door bottom, that you add an extra foot when you place your order. This is to guard against any product shrinkage during shipping.

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