Genie 19988A.S AC Screw Drive Garage Door Opener Capacitor, 70 MFD, 1/2hp Models

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North Shore Commercial Door has the Genie 19988A.S AC Screw Drive Garage Door Capacitor, 70 MFD for 1/2hp Models. Start capacitors are held in place by a clamp and connect to the motor through wires. When the garage door is activated the start capacitor supplies a burst of power to the motor to get it moving. HOW TO TELL IF YOUR CAPACITOR IS BAD:
  • If your garage door openers motor hums upon activation, but does not move the door your capacitor could be bad
  • Capacitors are oil filled, so if there is grace on the capacitor that is an indication that it is time to replace it.
This item works with Genie Models Genie IS, Genie ISL, Genie IC, Genie H, Genie DirectLift, Genie Pro 95, and Genie CM Manufactured after August 2008 For a complete list of AC Screw Drive Garage Door Opener IS, ISL, IC, H, Directlift, Pro 95, and CM Series Units Click Here For all Genie Brand Garage Door Opener Parts Click Here