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Genie Auxiliary Output Module AOM OPABIOGXS

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The Genie Auxiliary Output Module AOM now on sale at North Shore Commercial Door will help you add custom settings to your commercial door operators. This module (Genie Part No. OPABIOGXS) will allow you to set new limits on where your door activates when moving up, down or both. Instead of old-fashioned and time-consuming wire stripping and hardwiring to make these changes, Genie's AOM Auxiliary Output Module has a "Plug and Play" connector that plugs directly into the port of your warehouse or commercial garage door opener. All changes are made on the LCD display connected to the control board.

Two sets of single-pole double-throw (SPDT) contacts (N-0 and N-C) contacts are included for Up Limit Output to activate contacts when the door reaches its up limit. Two sets of SPDT contacts are included for the Down Limit Output. To activate contacts when your door reaches the mid-stop position, two SPDT contacts are used for Mid-Stop Limit Output functions.

To configure contacts via LCD to activate when door for moving open, closed, or both open and closed, positions, one set of SPDT contacts is available for ADA Output. (SPDT) contacts. Use one set of SPDT contacts to set a five-minute delay for Lamp Output.

Product Highlights:
  • Part number OPABIOGXS
  • Set new configurations for up, down, both, or mid-point
  • 'Plug and Play' connector plugs directly in garage door opener port
  • Use LCD display that connects to control board to make changes
  • Two sets of contacts for configuring "up" limit output
  • Two sets of contacts for configuring "down" limit output
  • Two sets of contacts to change mid-stop limits
  • One set of contacts for ADA outputs for open/closed or both
  • One set of contacts to set 5-minute delays on lamp outputs