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Genie 36359R Garage Door Opener GIRUD-1T Receiver, Remote, and Transformer

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A remote controlled garage door opener is a convenience and a necessity. If you’re in need of a Genie GIRUD transformer, receiver and remote, North Shore Commercial Door has you covered.

•The Genie 36359R Garage Door Opener GIRUD-1T Receiver, Remote and Transformer is a universal transformer that could be perfect for those looking for an out-of-date transmitter.

•The three-button remote is compact. The GIRUD will work with all garage door openers on a 315MHz or 390MHz frequency.

•When you order, you will receive a three button compact remote, a receiver and a transformer.

•With the Genie GIRUD, you’re also getting the safety of the IntelliCode technology to keep unauthorized persons from entering your garage.

•You can download GIRUD-1T installation instructions from our website and receive assistance via the question and answer section available to all.

With all the benefits to this remote, it only makes sense to get yours from North Shore Commercial Door today.