Genie Intellicode Transmitter (GIC/GIT-1,2, or 3)

Look to North Shore Commercial Door for operating instructions for the Genie Intellicode Transmitter, models GIC/GIT-1, 2 or 3. These three-button remote controls are 390MHz and are for Intellicode products only. If you purchased this product as a used item or from a second-hand retailer, you may want to erase all of the receiver memory on the unit before programming for your garage door opener. To erase the memory, you will need to press and hold the learn code button for 10 seconds or until the radio signal LED indicator goes out. After doing this, all transmitter codes will be erased from the receiver powerhead memory.

In order to program the unit, you need to again press the learn code button. This causes the radio signal LED indicator to blink roughly two times per second. You would then press the transmitter button one time within 30 seconds. The LED indicator will remain lit. At this time, you would press the same transmitter button again within 30 seconds. Once the LED indicator light turns off, the remote has been successfully programmed and is ready for use.

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