Genie P Seal Garage Door Bottom Weather Stripping

Hi. Mark with the

Today we are going to do a little bit of tech talk about our weatherstripping. Today's topic is Overhead Door Corporation P-seal. This is also known as Genie P-seal. If you're trying to make the correlation between the two, the Overhead Door Corporation manufactures and sells doors under the Overhead Door brand name as well as Genie. The dual distribution they used, this product could show up on an Overhead brand door as well as a Genie.

This is a P-seal that slides into a retainer that's at the bottom of the door. One of the easy ways to tell whether that is in fact an Overhead Door or a Genie product is the retainer that this is going to slide into is going to be a galvanized piece of metal and it will fasten to the bottom of the door. The other telltale sign that it is an Overhead door or a Genie P-seal is they always made this seal in gray. If your seal is not gray in color and does not slide into a galvanized steel retainer, it is probably not an Overhead Door or Genie P-seal, so keep that in mind.

It's a tubular product and once it slides into the bottom of the door, it's designed to crush against the pavement and give you the ability to keep water, rodent, ice, dust, and snow out. Like this product, and all of our products, you are certainly welcome to call the office to discuss your weatherstripping needs. I hope that this has been informative and helps you to buy our weather seal today. Thank you.