Genie Rhine DC Chain & Belt Drive Powerhead Parts for Models 1024, 2024, 1022, 2022, 2022-700, 2027, 1042, and 2042

North Shore Commercial Door Co. has all of the parts that you need for the Genie ReliaG Chainlift / BeltLift garage door openers. This inventory of products includes the 1022, 1024 and 1042 models in this line of garage door openers. These units have a ½-horsepwer DC motor and an opening speed of 6.5 in/sec.

In addition to parts including control boards, power head covers, light sockets and lens covers, North Shore Commercial Door as garage door opener rail parts for the ReliaG 600 models. These parts include belts and connectors for eight-foot doors (product number Genie 36607B.S), the Genie 36607A.S belt and connector for seven-foot doors, and the Genie 36452A.S garage door opener chain assembly for seven-foot doors. As with all of the Genie products, schematics are available for the garage door parts and garage door rail parts, with numbers corresponding to each product.