Genie Garage Door Limit Switches

North Shore Commercial Door stocks the full line of Genie garage-door opener limit switches and accessory parts. Our switches include Genie's screw drive limit switch, which is compatible with all screw- and Trac-drive openers using standard rail assemblies. We also offer a low-profile limit switch for Genie Chain Glide openers. For Genie Chain Glide openers using magnetic limits, we carry a limit switch with magnetic limits for up and down directions. We have open-limit and close-limit switch assemblies for Genie's Excelerator openers, and we offer an internal micro-limit switch, which is most commonly used in Genie PMX units.

Other parts and accessories North Shore carries include Genie's limit-wheel for seven, Genie screw-drive models, a replacement worm drive for screw-drive operators, and a chain-drive chain dog set for older Genie openers with steel T-rail assemblies. If the part you're looking for isn't pictured on our limit-switches page, contact us and we will find it for you at 440-365-5707, or email