Genie Wall Consoles

North Shore Commercial Door offers a full lineup of Genie garage door opener wall controls and consoles. These Multi-Function products are great for upgrading your garage. Genie's Universal series will work on most major brand garage door openers.

North Shore offers low prices on wall controls and consoles with top-quality features!

  • Genie's Intellicode wall button is a single-function control with a lighted button. The Series II Wall Control is designed for Genie's Intellicode openers, but also works with all CodeDodger openers and several Overhead Door brand openers. Designed to operate garage doors from inside the garage, the Wall Control features a vacation lock and backlit buttons. Genie's Series II Wall Console (GBWC-2-BX) is designed specifically for Genie's IntelliG and TiloG openers.
  • Their Series III Wall Console also works with the IntelliG and TriloG openers, and has the added feature of a security lock-out switch. The most advanced in the lineup is the Intelligent Wall Console, a programmable unit that can operate up to three openers through separate network adapters. It monitors the performance of the garage door and opener, and includes the Sure-Lock Security Control, which can disable remotes and the keypad at night or when you're on vacation. A backlit LCD screen enables easy programming and information retrieval.
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