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Guardian Access and Door Hardware has been manufacturing Garage Door Openers , Repair Parts and related accessories for the past 30 Years. They are one of the biggest suppliers in the industry and their products have kept customers satisfied in over 30 countries across the globe. has all of the repair parts you need when it comes to your high quality Guardian Garage Door Opener Needs. We carry a full line of Guardian remote controls , wireless key-less entry, receivers, and wall consoles. Guardian Is not new to this industry; you may recognize some of the other private label Garage Door Openers they have produced; Boss Garage and NSW Lynx Garage Door Openers. Guardian's main goal is to provide you with a high end garage door opener with constant reliability. This is why when a part goes bad, ADH Guardian Corp relies on North Shore Commercial Door to provide their customers with OEM replacement parts for Guardian Garage Door Setups because they know that we are the industry leader for Garage Door Components and Accessories.

If you are in need those hard to find Guardian Repair parts; such as Safety Sensors for your Pro Series 628 Model, you have come to the right place. We carry all of the repair parts for your Guardian Opener to get it back to the standard Powerful operating condition. Guardian gear replacements, Belt Pulley , Rail Assembly , Replacement Belt , Chains, Trolley , Logic Circuit boards , and Position encoders can all be found at North Shore! Take a look at the categories below; if you do not find what you are looking for; give are trained tech support a call @ 800-783-6112! We can help properly identify your problem and fit you with the correct repair parts or accessories.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do you program a Guardian garage door opener?

With our step-by-step instruction manuals at North Shore Commercial Door, programming a Guardian garage door opener is easy. Use our free Guardian product manuals to program your old or newer model Guardian garage door operator. Keep these manuals on hand for future troubleshooting.

Always refer to your Guardian garage door opener safety label to initially and then regularly test your model to ensure safe operations. Keep in mind that your Guardian garage door operator will not close until the photo eye safety system is installed and aligned.

How do I reset my Guardian garage door opener?

See your instruction manual, which you can also download free from our website, for specific instructions to reset your model Guardian operator. Follow instructions on how to reset your Guardian garage door opener remote.

After making any adjustments, perform the operator's Safety Reverse Test to ensure the operator reverses when an object is detected in the path of a moving garage door. If you have questions, contact our expert staff for guidance.

If your courtesy light is not working, it's probably due to a defective logic board, which is easily replaced. See our line of Guardian garage door opener parts.

Why is my Guardian garage door opener beeping?

If your Guardian garage door operator is beeping, count the beeps. Guardian reports that 20 beeps is a signal that the operator's photo eye safety system has been blocked while you are closing the door. Refer to your operator manual to ensure the photo eyes are properly aligned.

If you hear 12 beeps, that can be a sign that your operator is traveling at an abnormal speed or won't move. Guardian suggests the operator is either not receiving a command to start or stop, or is not receiving position information from the RPM encoder. First, unplug the opener and wait for a few seconds. Then, reconnect it to the power source. If the courtesy light flashes five times, follow reprogramming steps included in your manual.

If you hear five beeps, Guardian suggests reprogramming the limit and force program stored in your operator's memory. Check your owner's manual for reprogramming steps.