Guardian Accessories

At North Shore Commercial Door, we carry a comprehensive selection of high-quality Guardian accessories designed to amplify the functionality, convenience, and security of your garage door or gate system. From wireless wall buttons and push buttons to premium door control consoles and more, our collection of Guardian products is designed for your convenience. 

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Don't know where to start? The Guardian BBU garage door opener backup battery is a high-cycle lithium polymer battery that can provide power for more than 100 cycles in a 24-hour period. This Guardian battery backup system includes a built-in LED flashlight with three lighting modes, including low-beam to high-beam. The 1-Button Door Control Console by Guardian is a simple, wired wall console that will open and close your residential garage door with the press of a button for the utmost convenience. Explore our Guardian Accessories collection today and experience the quality and functionality that Guardian and North Shore Commercial Door are known for.

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