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Guardian GUT-8B Replacement Belt

Guardian GUT-8B Replacement Belt
Guardian GUT-8B Replacement Belt
Guardian GUT-8B Replacement Belt
Guardian GUT-8B Replacement Belt
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Item# GUT-8B
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Guardian GUT-8B Replacement Belt
Guardian GUT-8B Replacement Belt
Product Description
When replacing any part on your garage door operator itís always best to do some research. This process can be difficult as some information isnít always readily available. North Shore Commercial Door aims to put our customers minds at ease with all the information needed to get the job done!

The GUT-8B is a Replacement Belt Kit for Guardian 8 foot T-Rails. The Replacement Kit includes the Belt, Idler Shaft & Nut, and Idler Pulley. The Belt is made with Polyurethane reinforced with seven steel chords running the length of the belt. This adds stability to the belt and reduces wear and tear.

Determining the belt size you need is easy. Simply measure the length of the rail. 8 foot rail assemblies for Guardian Belt Drives measure 135Ē (inches) in length.

Product Highlights:
  • Part Number:GUT-8B
  • Measure the length of the rail. A rail for 8 foot rails will measure 135Ē
  • Package Includes: Belt, Idler Pulley, Idler Shaft & Nut
  • Replaces Guardian Belts measuring 9mm or 11mm in thickness
  • Steel-Reinforced Polyurethane, 11mm thick
  • Compatible with all Guardian T-Rails for 8 foot doors
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COMMENT: Th garage door opener bell broke, so I will replace it with a new one, the opener works fine it's just the belt thats broken by Tommy C 7/12/2017
QUESTION: Guardian sl600 belt need replacing. Which is the correct belt to order? by Robert H 9/26/2016
STAFF ANSWER:<br /><br />Guat-7b would work ! by Taylor M a
QUESTION: We are trying to find a replacement belt for the guardian 315, which belt is the correct belt? by Rebecca W 7/21/2016
STAFF ANSWER: What is the part number on your current garage door belt? by Taylor M a
REPLY: We looked in the manual and it is not listed. Is there somewhere else it might be listed? by Rebecca W r
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