Compatible Garage Door Opener Remote 360 MHZ 109130-3601

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Homeowners who need a replacement remote controller for their garage door opener system do not need to rely on brand name products to get quality products. Companies such as Heddolf have been producing quality, compatible electronic components including remote controls for many years. If you have a garage door opener system that operates at a frequency of 360MHz, a Heddolf remote controller, part number 360HEDD, will work very well while being available at a low price. If you have an Door garage door opener system that included the original remote control with the part number 109130-3601, this Heddolf remote is a suitable, compatible replacement. The original Door remote was a nine dip switch device and this Heddolf remote also has nine dip switches that can be positioned in the same manner. Positioning of the dip switches on the remote in accordance to the position on the garage door opener is essential.