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Compatible Garage Door Opener Remote 360 MHZ 109130-3601

Compatible Garage Door Opener Remote 360 MHZ 109130-3601
Compatible Garage Door Opener Remote 360 MHZ 109130-3601
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This item is discontinued.
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North Shore Commercial Door NSCD-360OV1 Compatible Remote
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Product Description
Homeowners who need a replacement remote controller for their garage door opener system do not need to rely on brand name products to get quality products. Companies such as Heddolf have been producing quality, compatible electronic components including remote controls for many years. If you have a garage door opener system that operates at a frequency of 360MHz, a Heddolf remote controller, part number 360HEDD, will work very well while being available at a low price. If you have an Door garage door opener system that included the original remote control with the part number 109130-3601, this Heddolf remote is a suitable, compatible replacement. The original Door remote was a nine dip switch device and this Heddolf remote also has nine dip switches that can be positioned in the same manner. Positioning of the dip switches on the remote in accordance to the position on the garage door opener is essential.

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COMMENT: Needed 9 pin 360 MHz door opener for an old overhead door by Edward D 3/19/2017
COMMENT: Good choice and price for replacement opener by Peter B 2/4/2017
QUESTION: Whee is the learn button an an overhead door 450A? by John J 8/11/2015
ANSWER: There is no button. Open the battery compartment on the new remote. You will see a set of 9 little 3-position switches. Same goes for the old remote. Switch the settings on the new remote to match the old remote's settings. If you don't have the old remote, open the case of the opener unit and you should see a like set of switches. Set your new remote to match. Inside it should also tell you what Mhz to use. IE: 340 Mhz, 360 Mhz, etc. Make sure your new remote is the same Mhz. by Eric L a
ANSWER: There is no learn button. You have to match the sequence of switches on the opener to the remote. There are 9, 3 position switches on the opener and the same on the remote. You match both in order to pair them. by Matthew F a
QUESTION: Does this remote have a clip on so that it will attach to my visor? by Darren S 12/9/2014
ANSWER: Yes, it has a visor clip by Chris M a
ANSWER: Yes it does have a clip. by Michael D a
ANSWER: Yes it does. by Bernie O a
QUESTION: Is this the right model for Overhead Door garage units are Models 360-BBB? by None N 4/4/2014
ANSWER: Ifyou have an opener that was a single button and has the 9 switches in it- it is the one. You need to make sure the frequency is the same for both opener and the remote- worked for mine. Bill by Bill S a
QUESTION: I have an Overhead door, Model 65B, 360 frequency, 9 dip switch, door opener. Which model remote should I buy to replace it ? by tom L 12/4/2013
ANSWER: This is the correct one. Buy two if you have two doors. by Richard K a