Compatible Garage Door Opener Remote 390 MHZ 109130-3901

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Heddolf brand remote controls for Overhead Door garage door opener systems are an affordable alternative for homeowners who need a replacement or spare remote. Heddolf remote controls with the part number 390HEDD are designed for 390MHz garage door openers and are compatible with Overhead Door garage door opener remote transmitter part number 109130-3901. These remotes can only be used with garage door openers that operate at a frequency of 390MHz and the Heddolf replacement remote controls will work with nine dip switch Overhead Door garage door openers. Simply set the switches on the Heddolf remote to the same position as the switches on your current remote to allow the Heddolf remote to work on your garage door opener system. If you do not have the old remote, you will need to review the dip switch settings on the garage door opener itself and set the remote switches accordingly.