Heddolf Receiver compatible with Allister and Pulsar P294-3K

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The Heddolf P294-3K receiver makes it easy to control up to three doors through a single unit. This unique product fits virtually app applications and features adjustable relay and voltage settings. Use this 318 MHz receiver with remotes from some of the top brand names, including GTO and Pulsar.

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  • 318 MHz three-channel receiver
  • Controls up to three doors/gates
  • Fits virtually all applications
  • Both F-connector and wire standard included
  • Voltage can be switched from 12 to 24 volts
  • Relay can be switched from pulse to continuous
  • Nine three-position dip switches
  • Compatible with the following models: Heddolf P219-1KA, P219-2KA, P220-1KA, P220-2KA, P220-3KA; Allstar 9931T, 9931MT; and GTO RB741, RB742, RB743
  • Also compatible with these after-market remotes: Transmitter Solutions Firefly 318ALD31K and Stinger 318ALD31V