Heddolf Receiver compatible with Multi-Code M294-1K

This item is discontinued. Please view this replacement item:

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Get the Heddolf universal receiver model M294-1K for your home and enjoy simple, streamlined access to your storage spaces. This garage door opener receiver can be switched between a 12- and 24-volt setup. You can also use switch the receiver from pulse to continuous relay depending on your preferences.

Get this Heddolf M294-1K receiver from North Shore Commercial Door. Take advantage of our "Questions" app below to learn more about this product before making your purchase.
  • 4 ½' x 3 ½' (4' including mounting tabs) x 1 ¼' in size
  • Uses up to 10 dip switches with two positions each (on/off)
  • Both F-connector and wire standard
  • Relay can be switched from continuous to pulse
  • Voltage can be switched from 12V to 24V
  • 300 MHz frequency
  • Compatible with Multi-Code 300 MHz frequency systems