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For Hormann garage door openers, door parts and accessories, shop North Shore Commercial Door for lowest prices and highest-quality customer service. We offer a full line of German-engineered residential and commercial garage door operators and replacement parts from Hormann - a German company that's one of the world's larger door manufacturers.

Find smartly designed Hormann garage door operator remotes, wireless keypad access assemblies and affordably priced Hormann garage door opener battery backup systems. Buy a replacement motor, circuit board or a replacement head box for your Hormann SilentDrive garage door operator.

Provide a secondary entryway through your commercial garage door with the Hormann NE-1 garage door opener emergency manual release assembly, which is designed to prevent people from being locked out of the garage - even during a power outage.

We carry Hormann garage door operator safety beams and Hormann brand garage door bottom weather seal. Choose a one-button or four-button Hormann garage door opener remote. The Hormann four-button remote, which can control up to four garage doors, can also be programmed to control Hormann garage door opener lights.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I program my Hormann garage door opener?

To program your Hormann garage door opener, see our free Hormann product manuals from North Shore Commercial Door. These manuals can be downloaded. They contain how-to information on installing and programming your Hormann Silent Drive or other Hormann model operator.

We also have downloadable product manuals for replacing a Hormann garage door operator motor or other parts. Each replacement part comes with installation and programming instructions.

How do I reset my Hormann garage door remote?

See our product manuals that come with your model Hormann garage door opener remote for specific instructions on setting and resetting your Hormann remote. Watch our Hormann remotes how-to videos that will show you how to program and reset your Hormann remote.

Download our Hormann wireless keypad programming product manual to learn how to set or change passwords on your Hormann wireless garage door keypad. Many Hormann owners rely on a remote and keypad for more than one alternative to using a key to access a garage door.

Where are Hormann garage doors made?

This German company is known worldwide for the advanced engineering behind its garage door products. While the company has its headquarters in Steinhagen in North Rhine-Westphalia, Hormann garage doors are made at Hormann manufacturing facilities in the United States, Germany, France, Austria, the Netherlands, China, Italy and Poland.