• Simple, fully-integratable monitoring for your garage door
  • Usually Ships 4 to 7 Business Days

iSmartGate iSG-02WNA102 Garage Kit Pro

  • Simple, fully-integratable monitoring for your garage door
  • Usually Ships 4 to 7 Business Days
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iSmartGate iSG-02WNA102 Garage Kit Pro iSmartGate iSG-02WNA102 Garage Kit Pro is a 2-part garage door monitor with convenient wall mount hub. This system can be integrated to all major Smart Home systems. Integration via the iSmartGate app allows opening, closing of garage door from phone. Door status notifications right to smartphone and PC: multi-platform device. The hub receives the signal sent by the tilt sensor that mounts directly, in one piece, to garage door. Sensor activates when angle is detected: if door opens and the sensor feels a slant, it sends notifications directly to hub and to app. Add and remove users who can open, close door. Create user account for children for after-school hours; add a guest user for deliveries, cleaners, maintenance, dog-walkers and more. North Shore Commercial Door is happy to provide products that add convenience and safety to you home. Add-on ready if you decide to add doors. *Pack comes with | wireless tilt sensor | "puck" -style hub | power adapter | 2-sided tape.* This kit and available accessories are the replacement items for GoGo Gate Devices. Hub hardwires directly to operator; usually with only wire terminals to secure. Works virtually all smart-enabled garage-door operators.* iSmartGate security kits this Wi-Fi smart controller hub-system is the only Wi-Fi smart controller in the market compatible with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, iFTTT, Google Home. No matter which home speaker you have at home, ismartgate will obey Google Assistant, Siri and Alexa voice commands. Product Highlights
  • Sensor mounts directly to garage door and senses movement of door; transmits alert to hub and iSmartGate app
  • Open or close garage door from phone w/ any smart-enabled garage-door operator
  • Wires directly to operator module and works from there w/ home wifi (no spotty 3rd or 4th link transmission)
  • Garage-door monitor hub system sends alerts and status of door directly to smartphone via app
  • LED-visual/acoustic alarm
  • USB port on hub | add-on/expansion ready
  • Wireless tilt sensor monitors temperature too!
  • Speakers on hub allow arrival or departure music to play!
  • Customizable app
  • Engineered for use specifically on iSmartGate PRO/LITE kits
  • Sensor compatible with Google Home and iFTTT, Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKitwhen used with iSmartGate kits, hub and iSmartGate app
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