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LiftMaster Chamberlain 41A5021-1I Delux Chain Drive Logic Board

Liftmaster Chamberlain 41A5021-1I Delux Chain Drive Logic Board
Liftmaster Chamberlain 41A5021-1I Delux Chain Drive Logic Board
Liftmaster Chamberlain 41A5021-1I Delux Chain Drive Logic Board
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Liftmaster Chamberlain 41A5021-1I Delux Chain Drive Logic Board
Liftmaster Chamberlain 41A5021-1I Delux Chain Drive Logic Board
Product Description
If your LiftMaster Chamberlain garage door opener system is not functioning correctly, it is not only an inconvenience; it is dangerous for you and your family. Many times, keypads, sensors and remotes can malfunction due to a faulty logic board. Fortunately, we carry an extensive selection of garage door opener circuit boards for every model of LiftMaster Chamberlain systems. If you own a malfunctioning LiftMaster 1200, 2200 or 4200 Deluxe Chain Drive system, replacing your LiftMaster 41A5021-1I logic board may be a simple and inexpensive solution. To ensure your system model is compatible with this specific circuit board, please review our Chamberlain LiftMaster Garage Door Opener Circuit Board Compatibility Chart.

Replacing your circuit board is a simple process, and in most cases, there is no need for professional assistance. For detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to safely install your LiftMaster 41A5021-1I logic board, please see the Product Manual.

Once you’ve replaced your logic board, it is important to test the Safety Reverse System to ensure your garage door opener is operating safely.

First, with the door fully open, place a one inch board (or 2X4) under the center of door.
Close the door. It should immediately reverse directions when striking the board.
If the door does not reverse, but only stops on the obstruction, increase the Down limit by turning the adjustment screw counterclockwise by a quarter turn.
If door reverses after adjustment, remove the board and run the door in three to four full cycles to ensure your system’s adjustments are correct.

Many times, your circuit board becomes faulty due to power surges or lightning strikes. For this reason, we highly suggest using a 990LM Garage Door Opener Surge Protector with your replacement LiftMaster 41A5021-1I logic board. The surge protector will help safeguard your circuit board, ensuring your system continues to function correctly.
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Ask a Question
COMMENT: I need it. by Manjit H 7/25/2017
COMMENT: While not conclusive this company presents fairly good technical documentation. Website is good and clear. Allowed me to decide that this is probably the most likely problem. Happy with the info so ordered from North Shore by David K 5/10/2017
QUESTION: 41A5021-1G The opener works but the travel stops do not. I have adjusted everything. It just hits the garage floor and reverses back up. Do I need a new mother board? by David B 7/25/2016
ANSWER: Adjust the two dials on the back. by Michelle F a
ANSWER: I would not consider the mother board to be the problem as the travel stop is initiated by a physical setting of the screw. I had a similar problem and removed the unit cover to observe the action. I saw that I could adjust the stop location because in my previous attempts I had taken the screw drive past any adjustment point. I resent the nylon adjuster screw to midpoint and started again. Easy from that point. by D W a
QUESTION: I Have A Lift Master part no. 41a5021-1G Built 2003 - Is there a replacement remote controller available for it? I was once told there is not. by None N 11/6/2015
STAFF ANSWER: According to my chart that model has been replaced with the model in the link below.<br /><br /><a href="" target="_blank"></a> by Taylor M a
QUESTION: will this logic board part replace the one that I have that was manufactured 01/02: Model 41A5021-1F ? by Mark H 7/1/2015
ANSWER: We moved into our home in June 2002 and this board replaced it with no problem. by Wanda J a
ANSWER: My operator was installed in 1999, the Board I used as a replacement was 41A5021-1l amd it worked fine. by Glen W a
ANSWER: Ours was from 1999 and the new one worked perfectly. Make sure you order the correct color button. The same color as is on yours This was a very good company to deal with. by Rydal S a
ANSWER: According to liftmaster, yes. I recommend calling them to be sure. by Donald V a
ANSWER: This board was used to replace a 41A5021-3D board. The plastic end cap had to be swapped because my GDO form factor was slightly different. It has beveled corners vs. square corners. The PCB was fully interchangeable. My speculation is that the main body of the part numbre references the PCB and the suffix is an end cap designation but I have no way to verify it. Sorry I couldn't be more specific. by Terry M a
QUESTION: Hi, will this replace a 41A5021-1DATS?<br /><br /><br />Mitch by Mitch B 10/19/2014
ANSWER: Hi mitch your 41A5021-1DATS should work,its a four<br /><br />function logic board however you may have to change<br /><br />the black plastic control board from your new unit<br /><br />with your old control board because your 1DATS may<br /><br />not screw into your old unit the same or may not fit<br /><br />just right. by EUGENE G a
STAFF ANSWER: It will replace the 41a5021-1d by Matthew O a
Product Manual