LiftMaster Chamberlain Garage Door Opener Circuit Board - Part Number 41A5021-1I

LiftMaster Chamberlain Garage Door Opener Circuit Board - Part Number 41A5021-1I

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Item# 41A5021-1E
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LiftMaster Chamberlain Garage Door Opener Circuit Board - Part Number 41A5021-1I
LiftMaster Chamberlain Garage Door Opener Circuit Board - Part Number 41A5021-1I
Product Description
You can repair garage door openers from a variety of manufacturers, including Sears Craftsman, LiftMaster, Chamberlain and others with this replacement circuit board. This logic board is a direct replacement for part number 41A5021-1E. The current part number is 41A5021-1I. The final digit in the part number indicates the year of the model, and the circuit boards are identical despite the slight difference in part numbers. This circuit board works with Security+ openers with no light socket.

Compatible LiftMaster garage door opener models are:







This circuit board works with the following Chamberlain garage door operator models:




This circuit board replaces these earlier models of this same logic board:








This 41A5021-1I circuit board is also compatible with Security+ systems from Master Mechanic and Wayne Dalton. Consult our Chamberlain LiftMaster Garage Door Opener Circuit Board Compatibility Chart for more information on applications.

North Shore Commercial Door recommends that you install a LiftMaster 990LM Garage Door Opener Surge Protector whenever you replace safety sensors or a circuit board, and we make it easy by offering a discounted combo price when you buy the circuit board and surge protector together.

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COMMENT: Found your video on the web and decided to try replacing the mother board. I had a service company tell me that the board was fried and wanted $600.00 to replace the whole unit. so I decided to try a fix it myself. by Phillip L 10/7/2017
COMMENT: Matches my garage opener circuit board by Diane C 9/23/2017
QUESTION: do you have a lift master circuit board # 41A5021-C1? by James S 1/26/2016
STAFF ANSWER: I have 41A5021-C which has been replaced with LiftMaster 41A5021-I Logic Board Garage Door Opener Circuit Board by Taylor M a
QUESTION: My remote does not work even though the garage door<br />opens using the button. Will this part number work with a <br />41A5021-1F?<br />Phil C by None N 9/19/2015
ANSWER: Are you referring to the remote or the circuit board? If you are referring to the remote it will work. You just need to follow the programming instructions. by Henville R a
ANSWER: If the remote is good then it could be the receiver and this part will solve the problem. by Radcliffe W a
ANSWER: If you are asking if your current remote for the ***-1f, and you are ordering the 5021-1i, no it will not. However, you can get a universal remote that will work. Curious as to what indication you get when you try to program your current remote to the current board. may be an easier fix to this issue.<br /><br />steve diehl<br />chaney electric by Steve D a
QUESTION: There is no power going to the door sensors and there is no power going to the garage wall button to open the garage door. I would like to know if this is an indication that I need to replace the logic board. there is power going to the motor. What do I need to replace to get it working? by None N 6/22/2015
ANSWER: Also, if you can use a soldering iron, you will find that you possibly have a cold solder joint on the main relay on the circuit board. Very common issue, especially in hot garages. A soldering iron and a touch of solder will correct this issue. To confirm this, with power applied, and with no light on the sensors and the wall control, just press on the back of the circuit board on the left side , and see if you hear a click and the lights now come on. If you get this indication , the the above will correct the issue. by Steve D a
ANSWER: I had that problem and replaced the board and now it works great. by Roy D a
QUESTION: There is no power going to the garage door sensors and there is no power going to the garage wall button. There is power going to the motor and the light on the opener. Is this a symptom for the logic board to be replaced? by None N 6/21/2015
ANSWER: It's usually the logic board when you have those symptoms. My opener was doing the same thing. The motor would hum for a few seconds then nothing. Replacing the logic board fixed it but other things can cause the same symptoms. Make sure the chain hasn't jammed against the stop bolt before you start replacing things. That's simply fixed by loosening the chain. A bad capacitor can also cause the motor to just hum. Hope that helps. by Janet B a
ANSWER: I can't be certain. I rolled the dice and replaced the logic board. I could open and close the door with the wall button, but could not with the wireless remote. Replacing the logic board corrected the problem. I hope this helps. by Donald V a
ANSWER: Most likely the board will have to be replaced. Have seen these exact symptoms many time. by Steve D a
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