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LiftMaster Chamberlain 41AB050-2M Garage Door Opener Circuit Board

LiftMaster Chamberlain 41AB050-2M Garage Door Opener Circuit Board
LiftMaster Chamberlain 41AB050-2M Garage Door Opener Circuit Board
LiftMaster Chamberlain 41AB050-2M Garage Door Opener Circuit Board
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Item# 41AB050-2
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LiftMaster Chamberlain 41AB050-2M Garage Door Opener Circuit Board
LiftMaster Chamberlain 41AB050-2M Garage Door Opener Circuit Board
Product Description
This replacement circuit board, part number 41AB050-2M, fits LiftMaster Chamberlain -horsepower belt-drive garage door openers manufactured in 2006 and later. If your garage door opener isn’t working properly because of a bad circuit board, replacing the circuit board is a relatively simple repair that’s more economical than replacing the entire unit, and North Shore Commercial Door can help you get the right part.

The 41AB050-2M circuit board is also identical to the 41AB050-2 circuit board. The final letter designates a model year change, so the two circuit boards are interchangeable.

This replacement circuit board fits the following LiftMaster Chamberlain models:




North Shore Commercial Door is a family-owned company with more than 35 years in the business, so we have the experience to help you find the garage door parts you need. We offer three options for finding the right circuit board. First, you can enter your part number in the search form to find compatible units. Second, check our Chamberlain LiftMaster Garage Door Opener Circuit Board Compatibility Chart for a list of replacement parts compatible with your garage door opener. And third, post your questions using our Comments/Questions section and get advice and answers from our expert staff and from our customers, many of whom are professional installers.

One way to protect your new replacement circuit board from damage caused by electrical surges is to use a LiftMaster 990LM Garage Door Opener Surge Protector. North Shore Commercial Door makes it simple by offering a special combo price when you order both the surge protector and the circuit board in the same order.
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COMMENT: Red and white wires for botton remote the insulation dry rotted and wire made contact with each other which made the circuit board to short out. Wireless remotes would only work when remote was within 6 foot of circuit board. Need to check the wires several times a year to insure that the insulation is not detracted inorder not to damage the circuit board. by James H 9/29/2017
COMMENT: original part was broken, and needed to repair by R'lyeh S 9/24/2017
QUESTION: My lights stop working when the garage door opens. What should I do? by Wardrell W 8/15/2016
ANSWER: I'm assuming the garage door still goes up and down? It sounds like a short in your circuit board. by Eric R a
ANSWER: Change the light bulbs by Jerry B a
REPLY: I did by Wardrell W r
ANSWER: Not sure as my problem was that my remotes weren't reading to have the garage door open. I had had a lightning strike and a new circuit board fixed my problem. by Daphne W a
QUESTION: What does the M suffix mean? by None N 1/25/2015
STAFF ANSWER: Production Date by Matthew O a
QUESTION: My board has two light sockets. Can I assume that I will simply need to remove and swap the boards from the plastic housing of both the old unit and the new unit? Also, will I need to re-program the remote? by Bob S 12/16/2014
ANSWER: I would first check to ensure that your replacement board is the correct one. It may be a slightly different model, i.e., one with two sockets instead of one. If it is correct, then you should ensure that the old board and the new board have the same set of connections. If they do, then the new board should be fine.<br /><br />Yes, you will need to reprogram the remote. by Paul B a
ANSWER: Yes and yes! by Joseph S a
ANSWER: Yes to both questions. Remove old board and reverse that process to replace. Yes you need to reprogram all of your remotes. Not sure what the light socket comment is pertaining to. by Marty S a
ANSWER: My unit has 2 light sockets, one on either end. There is only one light socket on the end where the circuit board is. If the part number matches it should be ok. The circuit board is very easy to replace, takes about 30-40 min. You will need to reprogram your remote, but that is also straight forward, just follow the instructions included with the replacement board or find the manual which is available on line. by Daniel B a
ANSWER: Thanks everyone for your help. I think I have it. by Bob S a
ANSWER: Yes, if the plastic housings are not exactly the same you will need to swap the boards between the housings. This only involves a couple of screws. The boards will be the same so you don't need to worry about where the plugs go. And yes, all remotes will need to be learned by the new board. by H. H a
ANSWER: You will certainly need to reprogram the remotes. Check the light bulb sockets for damage before replacing the circuit board. With mine, a lightening strike partially fried the board and damaged one of the lightbulb sockets. A surge suppressor is a good idea where the opener plugs into the 120VAC. by Arthur G a
ANSWER: yes on the remote and keypad. Not sure about the other q, but i just replaced the who back assembly all in one which included the board, plugged it in and it worked. by David D a
ANSWER: Yes, and yes. by Bruce R a
ANSWER: Yes, you can simply remove the light socket from the old board and attach it to the new board. Yes, all remotes will need to be reprogrammed. by George R a
QUESTION: GDO operates from wired button and wireless keyed entry pad, but not from vehicles. The vehicle buttons used to work. I have checked sensors and realigned. I have attempted to re-program vehicles, but there is no confirming light flash. Program LED flashes four times. I think it is Circuit Board, but why does Keypad work and not vehicles? by Andrew P 10/25/2014
ANSWER: Keypad is hard wired like the wall button. In my opinion it is most likely the circuit board. by Marty S a
ANSWER: I suspect it is the receiver sensitivity of the control board. I have had two boards go bad on me.It is easier and cheaper to replace the board than to put in a new system. Each time the board went bad it would stop working at any distance but would work if I pulled up right next to the garage door. The keypad is right next to the garage door. I also found that the new board took a few days before it started to open the door at any distance. For months now it opens the garage door from over a half block away from my house. It appears the is a weak part on the control board. George by H. H a
ANSWER: I had same problem and replaced the circuit board<br /> <br />Apparently the circuit board was unable to receive/process signal from remotes<br /> <br />Replacement was very easy by james g a
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