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LiftMaster Chamberlain 41AC050-2M Garage Door Opener Circuit Board

LiftMaster Chamberlain 41AC050-2M Garage Door Opener Circuit Board
LiftMaster Chamberlain 41AC050-2M Garage Door Opener Circuit Board
LiftMaster Chamberlain 41AC050-2M Garage Door Opener Circuit Board
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Item# -41AC050-2
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LiftMaster Chamberlain 41AC050-2M Garage Door Opener Circuit Board
LiftMaster Chamberlain 41AC050-2M Garage Door Opener Circuit Board
Product Description
This replacement circuit board, part number 41AC050-2M, fits several LiftMaster Chamberlain and Sears Craftsman garage door openers. Because the final letter in circuit board part numbers designates a model year change, this board is identical to part number 41AC050-2 or 41AC050-2B.

This replacement circuit board fits the following LiftMaster Chamberlain models:







LiftMaster Chamberlain produces parts for Sears Craftsman garage door openers, so many LiftMaster parts are interchangeable with Sears Craftsman parts. This replacement circuit board will fit Craftsman units with circuit boards labeled 41AC150-2. This circuit board comes with the LiftMaster plastic panel, so for use in Sears Craftsman unit 139.53985D (315 MHz), which has the purple learn button and a light socket on panel, you will have to install the circuit board on your existing plastic panel. This is an easy swap that only involves five mounting screws.

North Shore Commercial Door recommends installation of a LiftMaster 990LM Garage Door Opener Surge Protector to protect your new replacement circuit board and we make it easy by offering a special combo price for the circuit board and surge protector together.

For more information or to find the part you need, use our search form to search by part number or consult our Chamberlain LiftMaster Garage Door Opener Circuit Board Compatibility Chart for a list of replacement parts compatible with your garage door opener. You can also post questions in our Comments/Questions section and get advice and answers from our experienced staff and from our customers.
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Ask a Question
COMMENT: Lightning strike left my GDO completely dead. by David A 8/2/2017
COMMENT: North Shore Commercial Door made it simple to figure out which replacement circuit board I need to be the ultimate do-it-yourselfer. Hoping this works great. by John R 5/21/2017
QUESTION: my garage door goes down about 1 foot from the floor then immediately goes back up. I have replaced the sensors with new ones, but the same thing happens. It will work ok for a while but then goes back to the same problem. I have checked for staples. Is the problem in the motor? by jay M 7/6/2016
ANSWER: This does not sound like a motor problem. The motor only does what it is told to do and something is telling it to reverse. I found that the Chamberlain tech support is able to provide more detailed diagnostics. by Garry G a
ANSWER: no must be travel limit adjustment by ALLAN P a
ANSWER: I experienced a similar problem last year. I did some research on YouTube and found it was a problem with the force adjusters. It depends on the model; but, if you open the lamp cover, you should find two recessed knobs labeled "Open force" and "Close force." It sounds like you need to adjust the "Close force" settings. You can find a copy of your users manual online by Googling the manufacture. You can also find lots of helpful videos on YouTube to tell you how to set the adjustments. Good luck. by LN M a
QUESTION: Electr. surge burn my new Chamberline professional unit is this the controll board?? by None N 6/19/2016
ANSWER: Unclear on what you are asking. A surge could take out the board but could be other reasons it failed.. by CHARLES B a
ANSWER: It's possible. I believe an electrical surge burned my new circuit board. I had a new one installed and had the same thing happen within a few weeks. Since then I added a surge protector and have had no problems since then. That was last fall. I hope that helps. by Thomas S a
QUESTION: My opener is working except I cannot increase down pressure any more and the opener is faulting from all remotes except the wall switch. Will replacing the board probably fix my issue as the rest of the unit is in great shape? by Gary T 6/23/2014
ANSWER: I am sorry I do not know the answer to your question. I had a friend replace the part and it restored full function to my garage door . by Patrick L a
ANSWER: My problem was that my opener would work sporadically from the remotes and the wall switch. I did not have an issue with the down pressure setting. The unit was in good condition and I did not want to toss it for a new one. I changed the board and everything worked fine. Mechanically the unit was working -- it was just the brains or circuit board that was not working. I am not sure what model board you are getting it has been a while since I did this, but I had to keep the original plastic housing and swap out the boards. The housing the new boards came on did not fit my opener. by Jack G a
QUESTION: will a 41ab150-2 replace a 41ac150-2m? by jeff s 12/9/2013
ANSWER: I don't know but I ordered the wrong one and just traded the electrical parts out of the new one for my old one.<br />Mike by MIKE P a
ANSWER: I don't remember the part numbers, however, the Chamberlain circuit board provide by this vendor was an exact replacement for the circuit board in my Sears door opener at a significant cost savings compared to Sears Parts Depot. by R T a
ANSWER: Yes it will by Patrick L a
STAFF ANSWER: No. If you have a 41AC150-2M you need to order 41AC050-2M,<br />You may have to swap the plastic face plate that the circuit board is mounted to so save your current logic board assembly by Matthew O a
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