LiftMaster Commercial Safety Accessories

LiftMaster commercial safety accessories are must-have products for your garage doors, gates and general security. North Shore Commercial Door offers LiftMaster safety accessories at great prices and with the variety to meet all your safety needs. LiftMaster safety eyes are photo eyes that prevent a heavy-duty garage door from damaging property or person. These photo eyes can stop the movement of a heavy steel garage door and reverse the direction, so no one gets trapped or hurt. Other vehicle sensing loops and treadle signals can help with the timing of gates and garages to allow clients or residents onto the property and prevent unwanted guests from entering. Motion detectors from LiftMaster are also necessary products for the safety and security of your premises. These highly advanced detectors can differentiate between vehicle and people and sense direction as well, so there are no false alarms. These safety accessories are more like necessities for any secure establishment such as a storage center or condominium.