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LiftMaster 3PHCONV 3 Phase Voltage Converter 208/230/460/575VAC to 120VAC

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Introducing the LiftMaster 3PHCONV - Your Ultimate Solution for Voltage Conversion!

Upgrade your LiftMaster Gate Operator models: INSL24UL, IHSL24UL, HDSL24UL, HDSW24UL, SL3000U/UL, CSW200U/UL, CSL24U/UL, CSW24U/UL with our advanced 3 Phase Voltage Converter Kit. Tailored for efficiency and versatility, this kit is designed to convert input voltages of 208/230/460/575VAC to a reliable and stable output voltage of 120VAC.

Key Features:

  1. Multi-Voltage Compatibility: The 3PHCONV is engineered to seamlessly handle input voltages ranging from 208V to 575VAC, providing you with the flexibility to adapt to various power supply configurations.

  2. Optimal Performance: Enjoy consistent and efficient power conversion, ensuring that your gate operator models operate at their peak performance levels. Say goodbye to voltage-related issues and hello to smooth gate operations.

  3. Compatibility Assurance: Specifically designed for use with gate operator models INSL24UL, IHSL24UL, HDSL24UL, HDSW24UL, SL3000U/UL, CSW200U/UL, CSL24U/UL, CSW24U/UL, the 3PHCONV is the perfect complement to enhance the functionality of your gate system.

  4. Easy Installation: Our kit comes with straightforward installation instructions, making it easy for professionals or experienced DIY enthusiasts to set up the voltage conversion. Get your system up and running quickly without the hassle.

  5. Optional Kit for Enhanced Flexibility: The 3PHCONV is not just a necessity; it's an option for those seeking the convenience of converting an input voltage of 208/230/460/575VAC to an output voltage of 120VAC. Choose the flexibility that suits your power requirements.

Upgrade your gate operator system with the 3PHCONV and experience a new level of reliability and performance. Don't let incompatible voltages limit your gate's potential – empower it with the 3 Phase Voltage Converter Kit today!