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Liftmaster External Antenna

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The EXT-ANT J-F Coaxial Antenna Kit for LiftMaster Commercial Garage Door Openers is available from North Shore Commercial Door. This product is needed when trying to install a coaxial antenna onto a LiftMaster Commercial Operator Logic Board. Please note that standard coaxial antenna kits will not work. The EXT-ANT comes in two parts, the coaxial antenna (F-type), and the adapter (J-Type). The Adapter is made from coaxial cable and physically locks into place on the logic board while the other end sits inside the frame of the opener. This allows the Coaxial Antenna (F-Type) to connect screwing in. INSTALLATION:
  1. Disconnect power from the operator.
  2. Remove electrical box cover.
  3. Connect coaxial cable to “AUX ANT” on logic board.
  4. Remove the nut and washer from the coaxial cable and route the cable through side wall of electrical box.
  5. Secure the cable by re-installing the washer and nut.
  6. Connect antenna to coaxial connector on the outside of the electrical box.
  7. Cut the purple antenna wire from the logic board.
  8. Replace cover.
  9. Reconnect power. Test the system.