• Crucial alignment component for MH Model alignment operators

LiftMaster K72-33841 Clutch Shaft Replacement Kit

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LiftMaster K72-33841LM Clutch Shaft Kit is an replacement part for MH-line of LiftMaster Light/Medium Duty Hoist operators. Integral part of smooth operation of the sprockets and pulleys that turn belts and chains . The clutch shaft runs through the entire operator system so having it perfectly straight and exactly aligned is crucial. Shaft kit is shipped unassembled. Consult your LiftMaster manual or check our manual page NSCD Manual Page and be sure to have your operator model number. Shop thousands of brand-direct replacement parts at North Shore Commercial Door! Kit contains the following contents:
  • 10-10166  LiftMaster 10-10166 Clutch Plate
  • 10-10882 (8) 10-10882 HAND CHAIN GUIDE
  • 10-10985 LiftMaster 10-10985 Release Holder
  • 11-10987 Liftmaster 11-10987 Clutch Shaft
  • 12-10029 LiftMaster 12-10029 Bearing 3/4" I.D.
  • 12-10882 LiftMaster (8b) 12-10882 BUSHING .753 DIA X 5/8"
  • 12-10883 LiftMaster (8a) 12-10883 BEARING NYLINER .75 I.D.
  • 15-48B10GXX LiftMaster 15-48B10GXX Sprocket 1/3 & 1/2 HP
  • 16-4L290 LiftMaster 16-4L290 Cogged Belt
  • 17-10336 LiftMaster 17-10336 4L Pulley 7" O.D.
  • 18-10164 LiftMaster 18-10164 Clutch Spring 1/3 & 1/2 HP
  • 18-11379 LiftMaster (5) 18-11379 Compression Spring
  • 39-10167 LiftMaster 39-10167 Clutch Disc
  • 75-10884 LiftMaster K72-10884 Chain Wheel Assembly
  • ALT-SKU: K72-12590