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JDC & JHDC Sprocket with Key Kit (#50 chain) - Sectional

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Sprocket with Key Kits

To complete the set up of the LiftMaster JDC and JHDC MAXUM commercial jackshaft operators, you'll need a sprocket for each installation. Refer to the sprocket table provided below to choose the appropriate sprocket for achieving the recommended door speed safely. This listing only contains the sprocket kits for SECTIONAL DOORS. These sprocket kits are for #50 Chain.  Please note: the 3/8" keyway option is only available for rolling steel door applications.

  • The Tooth Count: Will effect how fast the operator will make the door go up and down. The ideal, safe speed is 12" per second for a sectional door.
  • The Keyway: Slot machined in the bore and shaft that holds the key, ensuring proper torque transmission.
  • Bore: Center hole of sprocket - must match diameter of the shaft.

Sprocket with Key Kits

Weight Characteristic of Door Door Type Tooth Count 1 in. Bore, 1/4 in. Keyway 1.25 in. Bore, 1/4 in. Keyway 1 in. Bore, 3/8 in. Keyway 1.25 in. Bore, 3/8 in. Keyway
700 Sectional 16 71-1550B16LGH 71-1550B16QGH
1200 Sectional 22 71-1550B22LGH 71-1550B22QGH
2200 Sectional 32 71-1550B32LGH 71-1550B32QGH
700 Rolling, Uninsulated 50 71-1550B50LGH 71-1550B50QGH 71-1550B50LKH 71-1550B50QKH
700 Rolling, Insulated 60 71-1550B60LGH 71-1550B60QGH 71-1550B60LKH 71-1550B60QKH
1200 Rolling, Insulated and Uninsulated 72 71-1550B72LGH 71-1550B72QGH 71-1550B72LKH 71-1550B72QKH
2200 Rolling, Insulated and Uninsulated 82 71-1550B82LGH 71-1550B82QGH 71-1550B82LKH 71-1550B82QKH