LiftMaster Capacitors

Every electronic device, including garage door opener, has a capacitor. This part stores energy that is used to start and operate the motor. When a capacitor goes bad, the opener may not turn on at all or have inconsistent power. Fortunately, this part is relatively easy and inexpensive to replace.
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We are an authorized LiftMaster dealer with the right capacitor for your garage door opener. Capacitors are available for all standard motor sizes in LiftMaster residential and commercial operator systems. Click on a LiftMaster capacitor to see the full label, including the part number(s), so you can check compatibility. If an OEM part has been discontinued, we direct you to an alternative from LiftMaster or an aftermarket brand.

These LiftMaster parts will also fit many garage door openers from Sears Craftsman, Chamberlain and Master Mechanic. North Shore Commercial Door helps you maintain your LiftMaster garage door opener with low prices, fast shipping and friendly service on our large inventory of capacitors.