Liftmaster 3800 repair parts list.

NorthShore carries authentic Chamberlain Liftmaster 3800 repair parts, brand new from the manufacturer. Below you will see the most common repair parts for the 3800 / 3800LM / 3800LMPD (same units) operators. We carry logic boards, circuit boards, absolute encoders, power cords, and more!

The high-quality Liftmaster jackshaft opener model 3800 LM is one of the most reliable garage door openers on the market! If you do not see what you are looking for, please contact us at 440-365-5707, or email so we can get the parts you need ordered.

Also, if the range of your transmitter/remote is unsatisfactory, extend the range with the antenna extension kit from LiftMaster for the 3800LM unit.