LiftMaster Model H Opener Parts

Welcome to the LiftMaster Model H Opener Exploded Parts View Page. On this page customers will find all of the repair parts that they need to get their commercial garage door opener up and running again. North Shore Commercial Door has simplified the process for our customers and eliminated the guess work with our interactive diagram below.

Customers can now find the replacement part they need by the part number, or by photos as well as shape. If customers know the part number they need they can match it to the table below. If the customer doesn't know what part number they need, they can visually match the part up to what they have by using the diagram, or product listings below.

Our staff is always on standby to help out our customers. If you don't see the item you need, or have questions about an item, please feel free to reach out to us by emailing

  1. Place your mouse over the number or letter representing the product you need. Product information should pop up.
  2. Click BUY NOW and you will be redirected to the product you need and can add item to cart.
  1. Use the table to find the item you need.
  2. Click the red text and it will take you to the product page.
Key Part # Description
K1 K72-19979 Liftmaster K72-19979 Clutch Shaft Kit
K2 K72-19974 Liftmaster K72-19974 Output Shaft Kit
1 11-19471 Liftmaster 11-19471 Clutch Shaft - H
2 12-19504 Liftmaster 12-19504 Key Flange Bearing 1"
3 15-30822 Liftmaster 15-30822 Dual Sprocket 32/14
4 15-19481 Liftmaster 15-19481 Sprocket, 14 Tooth
5 18-11379 Liftmaster 18-11379 Compression Spring
6 75-10884 Liftmaster 75-10884 Chain Wheel Assembly
7 K75-19985 Liftmaster K75-19985 Pulley Assembly
8 10-10882 Liftmaster 10-10882 Chain Guide - OBSOLETE
8a 12-10883 Liftmaster 12-10883 Nyliner Bearing
8b 12-10882 Liftmaster 12-10882 Busing .753 I.D. x 5/8"
8c 80-10883 Liftmaster 80-10883 Washer Spacer
9 15-19478 Liftmaster 15-19478 Sprocket Assembly
10 15-48B18LGE Liftmaster 15-48B18LGE Sprocket 48B18x1"
11 15-50B12LGH Liftmaster 15-50B12LGH Sprocket 50B12x1"
12 16-5L304 Liftmaster 16-5L304 Cogged Belt 30.4"
13 K75-19978-R Liftmaster K75-19978-R Frame Kit (Right)
14 K75-19978-L Liftmaster K75-19978-L Frame Kit (Left)
15 K75-19981 Liftmaster K75-19981 Arm Kit - H
16 17-6014 Liftmaster 17-6014 Moto Pulley
17 K20-1033B-2LP-H24 Liftmaster K20-1033B-2LP-H24 Motor - Model H331L5 1/3HP
K20-3033B-4P-H24 Liftmaster K20-3033B-4P-H24 Motor - Model H333L5 1/3HP
K20-1050B-2LP-H24 Liftmaster K20-1050B-2LP-H24 Motor - Model H501L5 1/2HP
K20-3050B-4P-H24 Liftmaster K20-3050B-4P-H24 Motor - Model H503L5 1/2HP
K20-3050M-5-H25 Liftmaster K20-3050M-5-H25 Motor - Model H505L5 1/2HP
K20-1075B-2LP-H24 Liftmaster K20-1075B-2LP-H24 Motor - Model H751L5 3/4HP
K20-3075B-4P-H24 Liftmaster K20-3075B-4P-H24 Motor - Model H753L5 3/4HP
K20-3075M-5-H25 Liftmaster K20-3075M-5-H25 Motor - Model H755L5 3/4HP
K20-1100B-2LP-H24 Liftmaster K20-1100B-2LP-H24 Motor - Model H101L5 1HP
K20-3100B-4P-H24 Liftmaster K20-3100B-4P-H24 Motor - Model H103L5 1HP
K20-3100M-5-H25 Liftmaster K20-3100M-5-H25 Motor - Model H105L5 1HP
18 23-10916 Liftmaster 23-10916 Interlock Switch
19 39-10167 Liftmaster 39-10167 Clutch Disk