LiftMaster Model MJ Medium-Duty Jackshaft Operator Parts

For OEM LiftMaster MJ commercial jackshaft garage door operator parts, we're your authorized LiftMaster parts pros at North Shore Commercial Door with lowest negotiated prices on all LiftMaster model MJ parts. We have frames and frame spacers for this medium-duty jackshaft operator by LiftMaster. Replace a motor or an electrical box. We're your source for genuine LiftMaster MJ brake parts.

We have lowest prices on solenoid links and brackets, and pulley and disc assemblies for the LiftMaster MJ commercial garage door operator. Find the largest selection of LiftMaster MJ installation hardware. Order a new clutch plate or clutch shaft. Pay our bargain prices for replacement sprocket assemblies and cogged belts. We have disconnect levers and disconnect shafts.

Always consult your owner's manual to confirm compatibility. With our illustrated diagrams, you can find a part number for the part you want if you don't know the order number. Our LiftMaster parts division at our American family-owned company headquarters in Ohio can deliver parts you can't find on our website.
Key Part # Description
1 K75-10030 LiftMaster K75-10030 Frame Spacer
2 10-10713 LiftMaster 10-10713 Frame, Right Side
3 10-10714 LiftMaster 10-10714 Frame, Left Side
4 K-MJ5011U LiftMaster K-MJ5011U Electrical Box - MJ5011, 115V
5 K20-5150-LD-1 LiftMaster K20-5150-LD-1 Motor - Model MJ5011
B1 10-10354 LiftMaster 10-10354 Brake Release Arm
B2 10-10355 LiftMaster 10-10355 Solenoid Link
B3 10-10356 LiftMaster 10-10356 Brake Mounting Plate - Obsolete
B4 10-10357 LiftMaster 10-10357 Solenoid Bracket
B5 17-0363 LiftMaster 17-0363 Pulley and Disc Assembly
B6 18-10716 LiftMaster 18-10716 Compression Spring .360 O.D. x .045WD
B7 22-120 LiftMaster 22-120 115V Brake Solenoid
22-240 LiftMaster 22-240 230V Brake Solenoid
B8 31-10364 LiftMaster 31-10364 Spacer .20 I.D. x .260 O.D. x 1
B9 75-10359 LiftMaster 75-10359 Brake Plate Pad Assembly
B10 82-NH25-03 LiftMaster 82-NH25-03 1/4-20x03" HS SSCR, KCP, ST
B11 82-PX10-28 LiftMaster 82-PX10-28 10-32x3" SLTD Pan Head ZP
B12 86-CP05-108 LiftMaster 86-CP05-108 Cotter Pin 5/32" x 1-1/2"
C1 10-10166 LiftMaster 10-10166 Clutch Plate
C2 K75-10722 LiftMaster K75-10722 Clutch Shaft
C3 11-10706 LiftMaster 11-10706 Clutch Shaft
C4 12-10029 LiftMaster 12-10029 Bearing 3/4" I.D.
C5 15-10717 LiftMaster 15-10717 Sprocket Assembly 48B10/41A24
C6 16-4L290 LiftMaster 16-4L290 Cogged Belt
C7 17-10336 LiftMaster 17-10336 4L Pulley 7" O.D.
C8 18-10164 LiftMaster 18-10164 Clutch Spring
C9 18-10711 LiftMaster 18-10711 Disconnect Spring
C10 39-10167 LiftMaster 39-10167 Clutch Disc
C11 84-SH-76 LiftMaster 84-SH-76 Castle Nut 3/4-16"
C12 86-CP05-108 LiftMaster 86-CP05-108 Cotter Pin 5/32" x 1-1/2"
C13 86-RP08-110 LiftMaster 86-RP08-110 Roll Pin 1/4" Dia.x1-1/2"
C14 86-RP08-200 LiftMaster 86-RP08-200 Roll Pin 1/4" x 2"
C15 158A53 LiftMaster 158A53 Push Ring 3/4" I.D.
D1 10-10707 LiftMaster 10-10707 Disconnect Support Bracket
D2 10-10708 LiftMaster 10-10708 Yoke
D3 10-10709 LiftMaster 10-10709 Disconnect Lever
D4 11-10710 LiftMaster 11-10710 Disconnect Shaft
D5 18-10718 LiftMaster 18-10718 Tension Spring
D6 19-8A-12 LiftMaster 19-8A-12 Sash Chain 12'
D7 86-CP04-112 LiftMaster 86-CP04-112 Cotter Pin, 1/8" x 1-3/4" Zinc Plated
D8 86-CP05-108 LiftMaster 86-CP05-108 Cotter Pin 5/32" x 1-1/2"
D9 86-RP04-100 LiftMaster 86-RP04-100 Roll Pin 1/8x1"
O1 11-10705 LiftMaster 11-10705 Output Shaft
O2 12-10715 LiftMaster 12-10715 Flange Bearing 1" O.D.
O3 15-41B14LGH LiftMaster 15-41B14LGH Sprocket #41B14x1" Bore
O4 15-48B18LGE LiftMaster 15-48B18LGE Sprocket #48B18x1" Bore
O5 15-48B32LXX LiftMaster 15-48B32LXX Sprocket #48B132x1" Bore
O6 19-48027M LiftMaster 19-48027M Chain #48x27 Links with Master
O7 19-48043M LiftMaster 19-48043M Chain #48x43 Links with Master - OBSOLETE
O8 80-207-19 LiftMaster 80-207-19 Key 1/4"x1-1/2"
O9 86-RP10-200 LiftMaster 86-RP10-200 Roll Pin 5/16x2"
O10 87-E-100 LiftMaster 87-E-100 E-Ring 1" Plated