LiftMaster RSL12UL Parts

Whether you need to replace a LiftMaster RSL12UL gate operator motor or reset switch, we have the authentic LiftMaster replacement parts you need at the lowest price at North Shore Commercial Door. Our illustrated Exploded Parts View (EPV) diagram of replacement parts for your LiftMaster RSL12UL residential swing gate operator shows where to install parts on your operator.

This digital diagram is interactive. Simply position your computer mouse or cursor over or next to the part you want, and a page will open showing the part number, description and price. Because we're an authorized LiftMaster online retailer, your parts are backed by North Shore Commercial Door no-questions guarantees and LiftMaster's parts guarantees.

We have replacement gear reducer pulleys and motor pulleys for your RSL12UL LiftMaster battery-operated gate operator. Find timing belts, 12-volt APS encoders, gear reducers and output sprockets. Our LiftMaster Q013 idler pulley includes installation hardware. Choose a replacement gate operator cover in gray or burgundy. Buy a new electrical box, antenna or residential LiftMaster gate operator main board with heat sink. Replace a dust guard or transformer with our low-cost OEM LiftMaster repair parts.