LiftMaster Model SD Opener Parts

Welcome to the LiftMaster Model SD Opener Parts Page. When you need to get a repair done quickly you can always come to this page to find everything you need to get your commercial opener working again! North Shore Commercial Door has made the buying process easy! Simply follow the instructions below to get your repair under way! If you have questions, or don't see the part you need listed below, please feel free to reach out to us at

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Key Part # Description
B1 07-10179 Liftmaster 07-10179 Brake Hub
B2 10-10187 Liftmaster 10-10187 Brake Solenoid Cover
B3 10-10190 Liftmaster 10-10190 Brake Release Lever
B4 10-10191 Liftmaster 10-10191 Brake Disc Zinc Plated
B5 11-10192 Liftmaster 11-10192 Spring Cup - OBSOLETE
B6 11-10193 Liftmaster 11-10193 Brake Stud
B7 N/A Compression Spring (Available in complete brake kits only)
B8 19-48001 Liftmaster 19-48001 Chain #48 x 1 Pitch
B9 K22-36899 Liftmaster K22-36899 Single Phase Solenoid
K22-36900 Liftmaster K22-36900 Three Phase Brake Solenoid
B10 N/A Spacer .20 ID x .31 (Available in complete brake kits only)
B11 K75-10180 Liftmaster K75-10180 Brake Mounting Plate Assembly
B12 K75-10184 Liftmaster K75-10184 Brake Pressure Plate Assembly
B13 80-9001 Liftmaster 80-9001 Feather Key
B14 86-CP04-112 Liftmaster 86-CP04-112 Cotte Pin, 1/8" x 1-3/4" Zinc Plate
B15 87-P-062 Liftmaster 87-P062 Push on Fastener 5/8" Int. Star
B16 17-6014 Liftmaster 17-6014 Motor Pulley
C1 10-10166 Liftmaster 10-10166 Clutch Plate
C2 11-10014 Liftmaster 11-10014 Clutch Shaft
C3 12-10029 Liftmaster 12-10029 Bearing 3/4" I.D.
C4 15-41B10G1 Liftmaster 15-41B10G1 Sprocket 48B10x3/4
C5 16-5L300 Liftmaster 16-5L300 Cogged Belt
C6 17-10165 Liftmaster 17-10165 Motor Pulley 7" O.D.
C7 18-10164 Liftmaster 18-10164 Clutch Spring 1/3 & 1/2 HP
18-10168 Liftmaster 18-10168 Clutch Spring 3/4 & 1 HP
C8 39-10167 Liftmaster 39-10167 CLUTCH DISC
C9 84-SH-76 Liftmaster 84-SH-76 Castle Nut 3/4-16"
C10 K-SPLONG Liftmaster K-SPLONG Cotter Pin 5/32" x 1-1/2" (10 Pins)
C11 K-SPSHORT Liftmaster K-SPSHORT Roll Pin 1/4" x 1-1/8" (10 Pins)
C12 86-RP08-200 Liftmaster 86-RP08-200 Roll Pin 1/4" x 2"
C13 87-P-075 Liftmaster 87-P-075 Push on Fastener
O1 11-10015 Liftmaster 11-10015 Output Shaft
O2 12-10331 Liftmaster 12-10331 Flange Bearing
O3 15-48B10GXX Liftmaster 15-48B10GXX Sprocket 48B10x3/4" Bore Steel
O4 15-41B32GXX Liftmaster 15-41B32GXX Sprocket 41B32x3/4
O5 15-48B10G1 Liftmaster 15-48B10G1 Sprocket 41B10x3/4
O6 19-41047 Liftmaster 19-41047 Roller Chain #41x47 Pitches
O7 19-48033 Liftmaster 19-48033 Limit Chain #48x33 Pitches
O8 86-RP08-110 Liftmaster 86-RP08-110 Roll Pin 1/4" Dia.x1-1/2"
O9 86-RP08-108 Liftmaster 86-RP08-108 Roll Pin 1/4" Dia.x1-1/8"
O10 158A53 Liftmaster 158A53 Push Ring 3/4" I.D.
1 K75-10030 Liftmaster K75-10030 Frame Spacer
2 10-10011M1 Liftmaster 10-10011M1 Frame
3 K20-1050B-2LP-H24 Liftmaster K20-1050B-2LP-H24 1/2HP Motor - Model SD501L5
K20-3050B-4P-H24 Liftmaster K20-3050B-4P-H24 1/2HP Motor - Model SD503L5
K20-3050M-5-H25 Liftmaster K20-3050M-5-H25 1/2HP Motor - Model SD505L5
K20-1075B-2LP-H24 Liftmaster K20-1075B-2LP-H24 3/4HP Motor - Model SD751L5
K20-3075B-4P-H24 Liftmaster K20-3075B-4P-H24 3/4HP Motor - Model SD753L5
K20-3075M-5-H25 Liftmaster K20-3075M-5-H25 3/4HP Motor - Model SD755L5
K20-1100B-2LP-H24 Liftmaster K20-1100B-2LP-H24 1HP Motor - Model SD101L5
K20-3100B-4P-H24 Liftmaster K20-3100B-4P-H24 1HP Motor - Model SD103L5
K20-3100M-5-H25 Liftmaster K20-3100M-5-H25 1HP Motor - Model SD105L5