LiftMaster SL585UL Gate Opener Parts

Find new parts for your LiftMaster SL58UL industrial slide gate operator at North Shore Commercial Door. Our LiftMaster K75-37576 cover kit for your SL58UL LiftMaster slide gate opener includes the cover assembly, labels and mounting hardware. Order a clutch kit that includes a clutch disk, clutch plate, compression spring, e-ring and installation hardware. Our LiftMaster gate operator alarm assembly includes the alarm, harness, spacer and fastener.

Pay bargain prices on LiftMaster gate operator replacement power boards and motor assemblies from an authorized online LiftMaster seller. LiftMaster trusts our expertise and so can you. We have incorporated EPV (Exploded Parts View) diagrams with parts illustrations and click-to-buy features, along with a design that will show you or your installer where to install parts on your heavy-duty slide gate opener. Also shop our low prices on replacement parts and accessories for your home's garage door opener.
Part # Description
K74-39295-1 LiftMaster K74-39295-1 Electrical Box Assembly (SL585501UL, SL585101UL and SL585151UL)
K74-39295-2 LiftMaster K74-39295-2 Electrical Box Assembly (SL585503UL and SL585103UL)
K74-39295-3 LiftMaster K74-39295-3 Electrical Box Assembly (SL585505UL and SL585105UL)
K13-32087 LiftMaster K13-32087 RPM Cup
K13-10024 LiftMaster K13-10024 Limit Nut
K23-10041 LiftMaster K23-10041 Limit Switch
K76-37667-1 LiftMaster K76-37667-1 Limit Box Assembly
K21-3260-1 LiftMaster K21-3260-1 Transformer (120/208/240/480/60VA)
K204A0276 LiftMaster K204A0276 Transformer (575V/100VA)
K1D6761-1CC LiftMaster K1D6761-1CC Control Board
K1D8387-1CC LiftMaster K1D8387-1CC Expansion Board
K1D8284-1CC LiftMaster K1D8284-1CC Power Board - Single Phase
K1D8424-1CC LiftMaster K1D8424-1CC Power Board - Three Phase
K75-37576 LiftMaster K75-37576 Cover Kit
K94-37694-1 LiftMaster K94-37694-1 Motor Assembly (SL585501UL)
K94-37695 LiftMaster K94-37695 Motor Assembly (SL585503UL)
K94-37739-1 LiftMaster K94-37739-1 Motor Assembly (SL585505UL)
K94-37694-2 LiftMaster K94-37694-2 Motor Assembly (SL585101UL)
K94-37766 LiftMaster K94-37766 Motor Assembly (SL585103UL)
K94-37739-2 LiftMaster K94-37739-2 Motor Assembly (SL585105UL)
K94-37694-3 LiftMaster K94-37694-3 Motor Assembly (SL585151UL)
K94-37754 LiftMaster K94-37754 Alarm Kit
K39-34786 LiftMaster K39-34786 Clutch Disc
K75-34791 LiftMaster K75-34791 Clutch Kit
K32-34792 LiftMaster K32-34792 Gear Reducer (30:1)
K19-48069-NP LiftMaster K19-48069-NP Limit Chain
K75-34828 LiftMaster K75-34828 Idler Shaft Kit
K12-4164 LiftMaster K12-4164 Bearing Kit
K15-50B12LGH LiftMaster K15-50B12LGH Sprocket
K75-18493 LiftMaster K75-18493 Chain Guide
K23-34815-1 LiftMaster K23-34815-1 Reset Button
K76-38057 LiftMaster K76-38057 Heater Kit
K75-34790 LiftMaster K75-34790 Disconnect Kit with Disconcert Bracket
K75-38037 LiftMaster K75-38037 Lockout Bracket and Single Phase Switch
K180A0385-3 LiftMaster K180A0385-3 Lockout Bracket and Three Phase Switch
K71-B1PH-1 LiftMaster K71-B1PH-1 Brake Kit (115 Volt Models)
K71-B3PH LiftMaster K71-B3PH Brake Kit (230/460 Volt Models)
K71-B575 LiftMaster K71-B575 Brake Kit (575 Volt Models)
K75-10177 LiftMaster K75-10177 Brake Hub Kit
K22-120 LiftMaster K22-120 Brake Solenoid (115V)
K22-575-1 LiftMaster K22-575-1 Brake Solenoid (575V)
K22-36900 LiftMaster K22-36900 Three Phase Brake Solenoid