LiftMaster SL595UL Gate Opener Parts

Maintain the safe operation of your LiftMaster SL595UL commercial slide gate operator with authentic LiftMaster replacement parts from North Shore Commercial Door. We have replacement LiftMaster gate operator motors and brake kits. Replace an electric box assembly or a nonworking control board. As an authorized LiftMaster retailer, we have the right parts, expertise and the ability to negotiate lowest prices.

Shop our line of LiftMaster chain guide kits, LiftMaster gate operator replacement transformers and stop/reset buttons engineered for compatibility with your model SL595UL heavy-duty vehicular traffic gate controller. Find idler sprockets, replacement clutch discs, disconnect kits and more.

Learn how replacement parts should be installed on your LiftMaster slide gate operator with our illustrated, interactive Exploded Parts View (EPV) diagram. If you see a part you need, move your cursor or computer mouse over the part to confirm the part number. This pop-up part description also provides a click-to-order link to a part description page and price. For more than three decades, our commitment has been to make residential and commercial gate operator repairs easier and less expensive, and we back that commitment with five-star customer service.
Part # Description
K71-B1PH-1 LiftMaster K71-B1PH-1 Brake Kit (115 Volt Models)
K71-B3PH LiftMaster K71-B3PH Brake Kit (230/460 Volt Models)
K71-B575 LiftMaster K71-B575 Brake Kit (575 Volt Models)
K75-10177 LiftMaster K75-10177 Brake Hub Kit
K74-39299-1 LiftMaster K74-39299-1 Electrical Box Assembly (SL595101UL and SL595151UL)
K74-39299-2 LiftMaster K74-39299-2 Electrical Box Assembly (SL595103UL and SL595203UL)
K74-39299-3 LiftMaster K74-39299-3 Electrical Box Assembly (SL595105UL and SL595205UL)
K75-37700 LiftMaster K75-37700 Chain Guide Kit
K1D6761-1CC LiftMaster K1D6761-1CC Control Board
K1D8284-1CC LiftMaster K1D8284-1CC Power Board - Single Phase
K1D8424-1CC LiftMaster K1D8424-1CC Power Board - Three Phase
K1D8387-1CC LiftMaster K1D8387-1CC Expansion Board
K77-36541 LiftMaster K77-36541 Antenna
K21-3260-1 LiftMaster K21-3260-1 Transformer (120/208/240/480/60VA)
K204A0276 LiftMaster K204A0276 Transformer (575V/100VA)
K75-38037 LiftMaster K75-38037 Lockout Bracket and Single Phase Switch
K180A0385 LiftMaster K180A0385 Lockout Bracket and Three Phase Switch DISCONTINUED >
K305-153613 LiftMaster K305-153613 Idler Sprocket
K10-30702-2 LiftMaster K10-30702-2 Chain Guard
K10-30699-1 LiftMaster K10-30699-1 Mounting Bracket
K23-34815-1 LiftMaster K23-34815-1 Stop/Reset Button
K75-32463 LiftMaster K75-32463 Clutch Kit
K39-10541 LiftMaster K39-10541 Clutch Disc
K32-10540 LiftMaster K32-10540 Gear Reducer (20:1)
K75-37549 LiftMaster K75-37549 Disconnect Kit
K75-37687 LiftMaster K75-37687 Enclosure - OBSOLETE
K19-4853 LiftMaster K19-4853 Limit Chain
K94-37848-1 LiftMaster K94-37848-1 Motor Assembly (SL595101UL)
K94-37849-1 LiftMaster K94-37849-1 Motor Assembly (SL595103UL)
K94-37849-2 LiftMaster K94-37849-2 Motor Assembly (SL595203UL)
K94-37850-1 LiftMaster K94-37850-1 Motor Assembly (SL595105UL)
K94-37850-2 LiftMaster K94-37850-2 Motor Assembly (SL595205UL)
K94-37848-2 LiftMaster K94-37848-2 Motor Assembly (SL595151UL)
K305-153613 LiftMaster K305-153613 Idler Sprocket
K11-37823 LiftMaster K11-37823 Idler Shaft
K12-3601 LiftMaster K12-3601 Pillowblock Bearing
K75-37556 LiftMaster K75-37556 Drive Shaft Kit
K76-37667-2 LiftMaster K76-37667-2 Limit Box Kit
K13-10024 LiftMaster K13-10024 Limit Nut DISCONTINUED
K13-32087 LiftMaster K13-32087 RPM Cup