LiftMaster Gear Kits

Need a LiftMaster garage door gear replacement fast? North Shore Commercial Door provides gear kits to keep your door in top condition. Our LiftMaster kits are in-stock and ready to ship so you can get your replacement pieces fast. Most LiftMaster openers are designed to be easy to repair and maintain. The replacement gears go in easily and are made of high-quality materials that will last. Replacement parts are the same size and shape as the original pieces for a perfect fit and better performance.   

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The 041C4220A includes all of the commonly worn parts in an opener's drive system. It's easy to install, as you don’t need to take apart the output shaft assembly, and the spur gear is already mounted on the new output shaft. What could be simpler than that? LiftMaster’s 41A2817 chain drive garage door opener gear kit is packed with all of the hardware you need to replace commonly worn parts. The kit is designed to replace part 41A2827 and includes detailed instructions that make fixing up your old garage door a snap. It's also more economical than replacing the entire unit; with a little time and the right parts, such as those included in this assembly, you can save quite a bit of money. 

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