LiftMaster Passport Transmitters and Receivers

LiftMaster Passport transmitters and receivers are smart systems for businesses in which clients or residents need access to multiple points, such as the main gate and a parking garage. The smart technology allows you to combine multiple and costly systems into one easy-to-use receiver. The Passport system also makes it easy for clients to use and will keep them feeling safe, secure and free from the burden of having too many remotes and keychains to manage. LiftMaster Passport systems include keypads that give an added layer of security, as well as card readers, for an easier and sleeker way to give access to a gated community or private space.

North Shore Commercial Door carries all the transmitters, receivers and remotes that you can use to create a working Passport system. The LiftMaster Passport system removes guesswork from trying to create a secure environment by bundling all the features you need into a manageable package.